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Swimming lessons for children: tips

For a child, learning to swim can, in his imagination, represent a great novelty and a great difficulty, often little perceived by "grown-ups". You could compare it to the sensation an adult might experience before launching out of a plane for a first parachute jump! It's dizzying!

Indeed, in the water the rules of gravity are suspended, and this foreign place can be a difficult or even frightening experience for new learners. The sensations are new. Barely a few months or a few years after having built an earthly balance, they are introduced again into a new environment, water, very disturbing and destabilising, thus reshuffling the cards of the game of balance. It was not so long ago that some did not know how to walk! 😀 Learning to swim, what an adventure! 🏴‍☠️

Parents and teachers are there to support them.

Some parents do not fully perceive the upheaval that the aquatic environment and learning to swim can represent, symbolically, in a child. Some, often driven by a pressing concern for safety, sometimes seek to speed up learning, going as far as throwing the child into the water or forcing him to learn sooner than he is ready.

In terms of learning physical, sporting and artistic activities, patience, progressiveness and respect for the development rhythms of the child are the key words.

A good teacher will be able to listen to the child to identify his personality, his possibilities, his desires, his potential but also his fears and his limits. He will thus be able to adapt and offer the appropriate pedagogy and teaching. He will accompany the child and gently lead him to experiment through games and the discovery of new possibilities. He will thus be able, when necessary, to bring him gradually and subtly out of his comfort zone, but not to the point of creating too much fear.

The path of progressivity is essential in the field of swimming !!

Have a good swim🏊😀

Morgan teaching swimming to a kid in Sainte-Maxime
Swimming lessons for children: tips

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