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Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons in Sainte-Maxime, Saint-Tropez, Grimaud, Cogolin

Swimming lessons for children - From 5 years old

Cours de natation pour enfant-Ramatuelle Saint-Tropez Grimaud

I accompany your children in learning to swim.

Much is given to the child's pedagogy and rhythm. Water remains a pleasure even during lessons.

I guide your children through the different stages of learning to bring them to know how to swim and how to save themselves. The acquisition of new skills is done in conjunction with safety and fun.

Pedagogy is my strong point. I am calm and take the time to accompany the child following his rhythm. I am sensitive to alternative pedagogies such as Montessori, Steiner, Freinet or Decroly from which I draw inspiration in my teaching. The child always remains at the heart of education and is an actor in its learning.

cours enfants
Cours de natation pour enfant-Ramatuelle Saint
Cours de natation enfant 2-Sainte-Maxime J'accompagne vos enfants dans l'apprentissage de la natation. Une grande part est accordée à la pédagogie et au rythme de l'enfant.
Cours natation enfant3-Sainte-Maxime.jpg
Cours natation enfant3-Sainte-Maxime.jpg

Baby swimmers - From 6 months to 4 years 

Bébés nageurs
Cours de natation bébé nageur-Sainte-Maxime, Golfe de Saint-Tropez, Var

Your child's first steps in the water.

The space of a few sessions we move together in the water. I will accompany you and your baby and advise you. A special moment for parents and children.

I will be there to answer your questions and dispel any doubts or fears you may have. We will learn together to tame water with your child, I will show you how to hold or support, how to play in a fun way, how to make the first immersions safely. At the end of these moments together, you will be able to develop confidence with your child and guide him in his discovery of the aquatic environment.

Adult swimming lessons

Ancre 1
Leçon natation adulte aquaphobie- Sainte-Maxime

Aquaphobia Swimming Lessons

Have you never had the opportunity to learn to swim?

Do you feel an apprehension in the water?

Does the vision of depth make you uncomfortable?

It's never too late to feel good in the water and learn to swim.

I will accompany you in your approach and together, slowly, we will overcome your apprehensions so that you can evolve with pleasure in the water.

Cours de natation adulte en piscine et en mer Sainte-Maxime Saint-Tropez

Advanced Swimming Lessons

You have the basics and want to perfect? 

Former swimming and triathlon competitor, I will be able to use my pedagogy,  my knowledges and experience for you support in the discovery phase as well as on the development phases of your technique. I will give you the technical advice necessary to develop your swimming and make you feel more confortable.

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