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Sea swimming 

Morgan Natation La nage en eau libre

Swimming in the Sea

Summer and winter , I accompany you to swim or bathe in the sea.

In summer, the emphasis is on technique and the distance swam at sea. I advise you and ensure your safety by following you with the equipment to ensure your visibility and to rest if necessary, if necessary .

In winter, what a great opportunity to experience the benefits of fresh water on our body.

The sessions last a maximum of 30 minutes with a general warm-up in the dry, followed by breathing exercises from yoga before getting in the water. We walk or swim near the edge. I stay by your side and advise you throughout the session.

The benefits of swimming in cold water

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Despite popular belief, it is indeed true that cold water provides very real beneficial effects on blood circulation and the immune system through morale!

Cold water will allow your organs to be well nourished by nourishing and draining your cells, thus stimulating your blood circulation.

This environment will also be conducive to the development and increase of lymphocytes in your body, which will have the effect of strengthening your immune defenses. Regular cold-water swimmers are often less prone to colds and other respiratory infections.

Experts also agree on the psychological benefits of a good bath or a small swim in cold water. In particular, it will allow your body to release a bunch of endorphins (the famous pleasure hormone) and will radically influence the reduction of potential pain or inflammation.

As a bonus, cold water is a formidable way to burn calories by causing your metabolism to work harder under temperature stress.

Goodbye bad fat and bad humor! Welcome cold water swimming and welcome good humor 😀

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